This portion of the website contains Scripture-based prayers that help you to pray for people and situations. I use NKJV unless another translation is noted. Use them as a starting point; the ones I have selected are by no means exhaustive. I encourage you to use the comment section at the bottom to suggest other relevant verses. Include the reference and, if you like, your favorite translation. I receive notice of all comments and can modify the verses into prayers and add them to the list. I would love to get a conversation started about each topic, and how Scripture illuminates God's perspective for us, so by all means, help me add to the lists I have started. (Please note also that comments do not appear until I have approved them, so if you comment and do not see it appear right away, don't worry! It will appear!)

Pronouns are a bit tricky. I have decided to rotate between "he," "she," and "me" for each topic, but of course all Scripture is suitable to pray over anyone.

Finally, God tells us that we are to pray in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18). Since the Spirit inspires God's Word, we know that praying Scripture is a very practical way to pray in the Spirit, which aligns our hearts with His. However, praying Scripture can never be a substitute for praying in your own words to the the God Who knows your thoughts anyway. These prayers are only one way of communicating with your heavenly Father Who loves you.